Tattoo Care


The life of your tattoo greatly depends on the care that you give it during the healing period. The tattoo can take anywhere from 10-20 days to fully heal.



These are our recommended instructions:


± Please leave bandage on for 2-4 hours. This is the only bandage that your tattoo will ever need. Please do not re-bandage. If you experience difficulty in removing the bandage, or if it seems to be sticking to the tattooed area, get the bandage wet and then gently pull off.


± Once the tattoo is exposed, use CLEAN hands to gently, yet thoroughly, wash the entire tattooed area with a quality anti-bacterial soap. Please do not use a sponge or washcloth to clean the tattoo, as this will only irritate it. Also, do not let the shower perpetually “hit” the tattoo. Soaking the tattoo in a bath is also not recommended until the tattoo is fully healed. Swimming in lakes, saltwater, or swimming pools is not to be done during the healing process.


± Once the tattoo is washed, gently pat it dry with a clean towel, then immediately begin to apply a white unscented lotion to the tattooed area. We recommend Curel or Lubriderm. Gently rub an appropriate amount of the lotion on the tattoo every couple of hours for the first 2 weeks after receiving the tattoo. After a few days, the tattoo may begin to peel or lightly scab. Continue to apply lotion until your skin stops peeling.

Keep your tattoo away from:

» Dirt, dust, sand etc «

» Chemicals and harsh cleaners «

» The sun or tanning beds «

» Perfumes or body fragrances «


After your tattoo is healed, you must always use a sun block to keep it from being burned. Otherwise, the tattoo will fade. Take good care your tattoo and your skin and you will enjoy your tattoo for many years to come.


If you have any questions please give us a call!